St. Paul Hermitage is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Benedict of Our Lady of Grace Monastery. For over 50 years, the sisters have been attending to the needs of the elderly in accordance with the direction of their founder, St. Benedict - to reverence the elderly.

St. Paul Hermitage offers a warm and caring atmosphere for thriving and living. We celebrate the blessing of each day by providing diverse opportunities for our residents through a wide variety of programs and outings. Our comfortable bus is available for doctor appointments, sight seeing, shopping and other excursions.

Although St. Paul Hermitage is a Catholic institution, all denominations are welcome. We believe in not only taking care of the body but nurturing the soul to provide a sense of well-being and happiness. Our beautiful chapel is used daily to fulfill spiritual activities such as daily Mass, the rosary, anointing of the sick, Benediction and non-denominational services.

St. Paul Hermitage is located on the north-east tip of Beech Grove, Indiana at 501 North 17th Avenue. It is conveniently ten minutes from downtown Indianapolis, 15 minutes from the nearest shopping mall and 20 minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport.